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Everyone now knows that pure and fast-breaking foods are not the bastions of nutrition, but that shouldn’t brand these ingredients found interior them any less revolting. This list sends a comprehensible message: when a prepackaged food contains more than fin ingredients and includes some that are arduous to pronounce, act away. Make a b-line straight to the organics aisle and go for vegan meals or eater recipes instead.

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11 Disgusting "Natural" Ingredients in Your Food - Organics

Years in front today, the word “natural” really meant something. It referred to food for thought that came from nature, unaltered by humans. But as currency became the primary negative stimulus for food for thought companies, concept preceded over quality.

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Castor sacs and anal glands of the north american beaver (Castor canadensis): their histology, development, and relationship to scent communication | SpringerLink

Both sexes of beavers own a deuce of genus castor sacs and a duo of orifice glands located in paired connective tissue cavities 'tween the pelvis and the base of the tail. The mammal genus sacs are not organ in the microscopic anatomy sense, hence references to these structures as preputial glands or castor glands are misnomers. The partition of the beaver sacs is fold up and comprised of three distinct zones: an dead layer of vascular connective tissue, a two-to five-cell-thick level of mitotic epithelial cells, and several densely packed layers of cornified epithelium which form into many more wide separated sheets toward the lumen.

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The 10 Weirdest, Grossest Ingredients in Processed Food | Alternet

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