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Theory for When Forrest Hid Indulgence… | Thrill Of The Chase

Forrest has been understandably uncommunicative about when he hid the treasure chest. That story, by the way, was my first vulnerability to Forrest Fenn and his treasure. Scrapbook 163 discusses the fact-checking questions that were asked of Forrest prior to publication of zachary taylor Clark’s story “The blamed Forrest Fenn” in the calif. pass Magazine (which appears privileged the L. A few of those questions dealt with once Forrest hid the treasure: Fact-checker: “Even your partner didn’t experience once you buried the treasure, correct? ” Forrest Fenn: “I have never said I below-ground the treasure so please don’t say that.

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Hollywood Reporter | Entertainment News

Among past specialty offerings making an aggressive movement over the holidays, ' The spatial property of Water' and ' apparition Thread' also impress, while ' I, Tonya' hopes to skate to glory.

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