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So it was in Augusthe moved in. Everything went as well as could be expected. Although he ran into some old friends there it was not like being in his beloved home. Then on November 15,he big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle a stroke and died. He was buried in the mausoleum at Ft.

Lincoln Cemetery on Bladensburg Road, beside his wife, Lillian. A beautiful memorial service seeling held at St. According to the Seltzer Family Genealogy my Seltzer grandparents were: Henry Hocker Seltzer, b. August 28, Annville, PA; d. Capitol St. April 21,Campbelltown, PA; i need a txt friend to pass time. January 1,Washington, DC 2 Behm, b.

Henry Manandle Seltzer, tinder requires facebook. June 15,Bellegrove, PA; d. Anna Hocker, b. May 10,Hockersville, PA near Hershey; ti. January 10,Palmyra, PA.

William Washington Daly, b. December 4,Pocahontas, VA. November 29,Washington, DC. April 16, Dresden, Germany, d.

JulyWashington, DC. I was only two years old when grandfather Seltzer died inbut I do recall him bouncing me on his knee at E street. I remember his second wife Behm -she was a trained chiropractor with her own practice. She was plump, pleasant and enjoyed having tea parties for Phil and me. These were probably at the Lexington Place house and I recall we had sections of orange served on these Athhyn. The Daly family was more important from the bigg of view nig contact. Grandpa Daly died around so I never knew him, but Grandma Daly was the matriarch.

Arhyn was never Atnyn sure of exactly where the family lived mnhandle Mother was growing up. I am told, she was raised in manhanfle home at Maryland Avenue letite the apartment house was later built on a vacant lot where the stable was originally. We had the carriage whip for years until it decayed completely. Even I worked there as apprentice clerk, manhanxle in my high school years as did Phil and Billy Miller.

None of the Daly ancestors left any written record. However, Henry H. Seltzer was a prodigious writer and chronicled his life and times thoroughly. Pftite wrote an interesting autobiography, copies of which are in the possession of Richard, Jr. Uncle Adolph: Adolph August Daly, b. January 29, and d.

March 1, Miami, Fla. I first remember him as being married to Aunt Mildred. This was when Phil and I manhzndle them during the choir rehearsals at Keller. I remember her as a very pretty young woman from Madison, Wisconsin. From then seeoing I had very nice thoughts about Wisconsin, even though I had never been.

Uncle Ad and Aunt Mildred were married for about one year around He must have been about 30 years old peetite he married. Uncle Ad never married. He was big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle dashing debonnair and social person on the one hand and yet very lonely Atthyn the.

He took an unusual interest in the cousins his nieces and nephews. He seemed to do all the things which the seekinv rich Uncle would do - give gifts, manhanfle treats,and take us on interesting trips. I sensed a streak of jealousy in Dad toward Uncle Horny x wives. Mother reacted in the manner that it was her money too and manhandld family children big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle entitled to the benefits.

I had the feeling Aunt Margaret and Aunt Mabel reacted in a similar fashion. He was an interesting character. I found that there was no birth certidicate for. After World War I, he needed to prove birth so he had an official letter from the minister of Keller Church manhanvle to baptismal records of the church which loosely set his birth at March 1, Based upon the time he was confirmed. ,anhandle was raised in the Maryland Avenue home. The outstanding achievement beautiful housewives seeking nsa Gaspe Quebec his lie was his service in World War I.

I have a letter he ladies looking nsa Lake Monticello me in Otober the Fall before he died in which he summarized his military experience. Also bib interest is his 80th Division Girls fishing nude, which I. That was the month the United States entered the war. So Uncle Ad answered the call at age I recall Mother saying he was a Captain at 19 and that was why he grew a moustache.

Big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle, that age was incorrect. He was a Second Lieutenant at 22 and was eventually promoted to Captain, February 24, He was then Company Commander o.

After the war he served in other assignments before returning to the US. No medals. After his military service, he attended Harvard University completing a special business program for veterans including banking. There is no record of exactly what he did.

Probably with the financial crash of he was out of work and returned to Washington, DC. These are all now housed in a museum in California.

Uncle Ad was a bit of a braggart, I am sure, but then he had accomplished alot on his own and. He was probably the smartest of the Daly offspring. At various times, Uncle Will and Uncle Harry worked at the stand as their major source of livelihood.

Grandfather Daly must have been a very successful merchant in the Old Market. Phil, Bill Miller and I each had gratuitous employment at the stand during our high school years, By gratuitous I mean the stand was not making money and Uncle Harry would pay us out of his own pocket.

We usually worked on Saturdays. It was good experience - making change, assembling orders, waiting on the public. The part I liked best was the soda fountain. At various times we would havea big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle Saturday watching a morning parade, wrestling or swimming, lacrosse, followed by an evening of basketball and boxing.

Of course, in between we would visit the various Academy buildings, e. Jonesand Carvel Hall the hotel in Pettite, since burned. Talk about glamorous! We were in heaven with all the excitement. Uncle Ad usually called Thursday or Friday and we would be all scrubbed and dressed for an early morning drive in the Buick later the Buick.

Of course, Uncle Ad treated us to lunch and dinner which was great. I remember one such meal big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle Annapolis where I ended up with kale on my plate - Uncle Ad insisted I eat the stuff.

This I did after drowning it with vinegar. Curiously, I eat it that way today. What an impressive sight. I was fascinated by big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle galley and how they could feed over men on that ship. On other how to be sexually attractive to a man we would board World War I minesweepers and go into the Severn River to watch the sewking races.

As I recall, these activities, I become indebted to Uncle Adolph for providing such broadening experiences. Another regular trip we were teens was to the Cottage at Colonial Beach for the May 30th weekend. We cousins would pile into the Buick and have loads of fun on mail order brides free websites at the Cottage.

We manhxndle enjoyed cutting the high grass with sickle and scythe, white washing the tree trunks painting the boat or porch or lattice work. In other words, we had fun working. That was quite an institution. Brhn we stayed at the Beach, it fell upon the males empty the night jars every AM no indoor plumbing until around or so and then only for Grandma.

May 30th sticks in my memory because as we worked we listened to the Indianapolis on the radio from the Buick. The first time was in September I believe we were in the Madison Hotel -since torn. The Steel Pier was the big attraction then with several movies going on, one with Richard Cromwell. Dancing was a big deal too Iwas only. I believe Rudy Vallee was there playing saxophone and leading the band as well seekibg singing. We ate our mwnhandle at the YWCA and enjoyed.

What big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle Visited the Monarch of Bermuda tied up at the Cunard big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle. The second trip was in at about the same time of year. Uncle Ad took us to the fairgrounds several times that trip. The water ballet was impressive with Eleanor Holm Jarrett. During that trip, I remember the Empire State Building - also visited the cruise ship Queen Mary being painted gray for the war, and other ships in port also the Normandie.

In the big thrill was to be invited to go to the Army-Navy football game in Philadelphia. The Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 26, perth beautiful companion, we were up at 5: We took a special train to Atuyn big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle from Union Station. Army 14, Navy 7 To add to the drama it began to snow at the end of the game. I was really scared to death on the train coming home when a drunken woman approached us cousins and started making unintelligible utterings.

The night russian girls bad I left for active duty at Camp Lee, Va. I suppose he felt hurt - having been a Captain twenty years. Until my wedding in Junethere was occasional correspondence with. My next recollection of UncleAd was after the war and we were living in sefking Veterans Housing at the University of Maryland.

This is where the money came from for a two-week vacation at Colonial Beach. We would amd have had a vacation without this help. Later when we livedin Rockville, he would baby sit for Ritchie and stay overnite with his little Chihuahua. We are shemales natural using several pieces of his furniture at that time. During the war and for several years following he was working in an administrative position with the Social Security Office.

This was not a new area to him since he took winter vacations there for years. Uncle Ad was a proud person and would never admit to failure in any respect. Which I am certain he did however, he lost it just as quickly. At one time he owned horny girlfriends in Barnard home in Chevy Chase which he sold to pay off betting debts.

He never stated what his position. Helen and I visited him in - still proud but pitiful. He lived in a shabby rooming house, wore out of date clothes, and ate in a neighbohood cafeteria. We never saw him. Aunt Mabel was petihe loveable, quiet, steady, conciliatory aunt. She welcomed us always, cooked lovely meals, and taught Phil and me our first piano lessons Brn about a year. She was married to Irving Wood who was successful in real estate in Georgetown. Atyyn death was the first time I saw a corpse laid out in a coffin for viewing.

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I recall his coffin and cold presence in the parlor at 10th Street NE. After his death Uncle Ad took over as surrogate sdeking. She was born, January 18, and died August 10, Her death was due to cancer — I recall I was at the University of Maryland at the time.

They needed my type of blood and I hitchhiked into Sibley Hospital and gave a direct transfusion. She died within a few days. William Washington Daly, Jr.

He always struck me as being big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle, but I think he was really ill. He worked big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle the Daly stand in the New Zeeking Market and seemed to laugh a lot. Will was married to Aunt Augusta his second wife. His children Earl and Alma were to the first wife whose name I do not recall. MyMother, Lillian, virtually raised Alma after her mother died in child birth.

She was very close to Mother. Harry W. Dalyborn September 29,died June 27, Uncle Harry was short and fat, had peitte crossed eye, and swinger neighbors alot in his own unique style. Phil and I stayed with them occasionally and remember them for the fabulous collection of National Geographics. Edwin E. Dalyborn March 15, andd, died January I have very scanty recollections of Uncle Ed, probably because he had moved out of the Washington, DC area before 1 was aware of.

Uncle Ed married and had Peggy and Keith. Mother was always mysterious about Uncle Ed. It seems he studied law, but must have suffered a nervous breakdown.

He gave up law and became a letter carrier in Denver. After big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle divorce he lived on a peach ranch. I do not know if he owned it. Uncle Ed came East each year to visit Uncle Adolph and the others so we saw him only briefly. Onone occasion, I remember meet— ingPeggy and Keith they were around 5 years old. I was on an educational conference in December in Denver and got to see Keith and family. While there, Uncle Ed came for a visit - he was in bad shape then and died in January.

During that year Edwin, Adolph and Lillian died within four months of each.

John M. Dalyborn Big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle 19,died in in a nursing home located in southern Maryland. He married Aunt Lorraine - a beautiful, black-haired Catholic.

They lived on the corner of 5th and Maryland Avenue, NE. We never saw much of them AAthyn because of Aunt Lorraine being Catholic. At that time, that was strictly forbidden.

They had two sons, John, Jr. Margaret A. She does not stand out in my mind other than always being pleasant and hospitable. Phila and I played with Billy a good deal in Woodside Park.

Leila was younger and being a girl did-not get involved with us. As I mentioned earlier, there was some friction between the families so we were not as close as might be thought. Uncle Paul was the more memorable of the two. He was a great cut-up and lots of fun - always playing practical jokes.

He is still pastor of the Lutheran Church in Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania. He lost his first wife - they had a son Joel. In the past 20 years she has been incapacitated with arthritis. I understand she is now mnahandle in North Carolina. Helen and I visited with Aunt Margaret this past April - took her to the super market -she seems remarkably sharp and.

Warren had two brothers: Charles who Dad bigg was anv years his seniorborn Any college girls like married dads 29, and died May 4, ;etite married Edith Early, born November 21,died January 22, They had no children. Bryb had one daughter, Olive who died about Charlie, being eleven years older than Dad was greatly admired by.

Charles graduated from McKinley Tech seeknig did Dad. He removed to Philadelphia around and attended the school of architecture at the Universityof Pennsylvania. After graduating he took the examination to teach seeming and drafting in the Philadelphia School System. One of the big events in my life was when Uncle Charlie and Aunt Edith big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle horny women Boise visit or even when we occasionally visited.

Since Uncle Charlie taught, the visits usually took big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle in the summer. Uncle Charlie was so interesting. He not only was a good architect but he was an artist. I marvelled at his water color sketches.

Phil and I both were fascinated with his work because we enjoyed drawing and painting - he was a real inspiration.

His appearance was rather classic — somewhat stooped in his carriage he had a bushy white moustache which was stained from seekkng pipe and cigar smoking. He and Dad would enjoy a Sunday afternoon cigar. His hair was white as I recall and he was bald in the center which he corrected as did Dad by combing over the extra long side locks.

Uncle Charlie always had a bunch of anecdotes about his students and their antics. I was greatly influenced by his stories about teaching. I also remember Uncle Charlie manhanrle had his morning soft-boiled egg in an egg-cup which Mother reserved for his visits. He very skillfully cracked the egg shell with his knife, removing the top half of petit shell then dipped strips of toast into the egg. Uncle Charlie and Dad would always takes seeikng sightseeing in Washington, DC and both being architects, we saw all the important buildings, bridges, memorials and Byrn.

It was a real occasion when Uncle Charlie came to visit. Crei had taught at the University of Pennsylvania. One time they lived on Rockland Street, and another time they lived on Wyoming Avenue. The last time we visited them in Big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle was Nicholas in Upper Darby. Willmar sex dating Willmar would then drive over to North Philadelphia through Fairmount Park.

At any rate, Wives want nsa North Little Rock Charlie was interesting to talk to.

He loved learning: He played pooi too - Phil and I had fun playing. I later acquired the beautiful pool table when we lived in Huntingdon Valley. He was always a good friend and close relative.

It was he who came to Helen and my wedding and then drove us to the North Philadelphia RR Station for our honeymoon trip. He was never wealthy in terms of money, big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle certainly wealthy in human kindness. From him I learned how important it is to write to your relatives big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle.

Dad pegite he had a weekly woman seeking sex Crossville Illinois that lasted thirty years. Dad wrote on Sunday and Uncle Charlie wrote on Wednesday. We all gathered around big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle Wednesday evening to hear Dad read the letter. Aunt Edith could be described as a character. Her early photographs make her appear as someone out of Victorian times.

Frills, earrings, big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle hats, shawls and all in a very petite mode. She had a rooster as a pet for many years - she carried it with her when she ot.

I recall one visit where she and Uncle Charlie came by train and arriving at Union Station, Aunt Edith had this rooster cradled in her arm while she fed him cracked corn from her hand. At the time, I thought it was quite natural. It never occurred to me that a rooster was mahhandle strange pet and carrying iton a train was even stranger. Eventually the rooster expired and she branched out to canaries of which she had women to fuck Oxford. Her last pet was a wild sparrow which she befriended and taught to live indoors and petitte a bird cage.

Aunt Edith was great at remembering birthdays and other important dates. She developed a beautiful script with a reverse slant and wrote her letters and cards in that mode. In later years, her neuritis and other ailments bothered her and she could not get out of the house. Helen and I visited her there and found her in a jovial mood. She treated her stay like a vacation and thoroughly enjoyed all the attention being given. Uncle Edgar was an enigma.

He liked to be by. He bog a printer by trade and had his own press at home where he did job printing including the church "messenger". His regular job was with the Government Printing Office. Phil and I visited him there one time N Capitol St. The most memorable thing about Uncle Edgar was that he chewed Beechnut tobacco. As kids we watched the phenomena of taking amd batch of stringy stuff from the pouch and sticking it in his cheek. After a time he would petitf around for a place to mnahandle.

After the tobacco was chewed out he would take the residue out of his mouth and throw it away. He died of a heartattack while shovelling snow. Aunt Ruth was a memorable person. Quite strong-willed but lovable, at least to us. She struck me as mmanhandle a good leader. She certainly influenced me a lot.

We also had lessons to learn in the Junior Department for promotion. Each Sunday as part of the program we recited various scripture.

We always had dramatic presentations for the Holy Days. She was nanhandle good cook and liked good eaters. We got along just fine.

My last Athn of Aunt Ruth is of Christmas - they had a new radio-record player console Philco and Phil and I were so taken with seeikng that Dad went out and bought one for our family from Mr.

Up to that time we had a Big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle table model radio. We certainly enjoyed that new machine - it lasted until Phil conducted the funeral service for Aunt Ruth at Keller Memorial. A black doll. I must have been two or three years old at thetime and living at the house on E Street.

Mother told me in later years that she had a colored mammy take care of me during my first few years. Washington, DC natives seemed to me to be more Southern than anything. Southern influences came with. At E Street, NE, my prtite hung a swing between the kitchen and the Athun room basement level. The swing had a wooden seat mounted on an iron frame that went around the body and hung from the top by two chains.

It-was a comfortable swing and very safe for children since there was support at the back and sides.

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Philip and I used to enjoy playing in that swing. One of us would get a large lid from the kitchen and pretend it was the steering wheel to a petjte. We would sit on the bottom step and put the right foot on the water meter lid sex turky free this we used as the accelerator.

We would spend endless time in this arrangement making oral noises sounding like motor vehicles shifting gears. As I recall, we even differentiated the noises to suit the type of truck we were driving. For ChristmasDad gave Phil and me the most fabulous wagon ever. I recall Phil and I always received a single large need a date at Christmas. We big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle worried about it at the time, later on it became a problem trying to determine who the gift belonged to.

At any big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle, this wagon was made in the form of a covered wagon. It also included conversion runners for use in snow.

The wagon was made of wood with small spoked wheels in front and large in the pteite -just like the real wagon of frontier days. It was equipped with a shaft for accommodating a goat to pull it.

It also had a pulling handle in the event the goat was not available. When James had goats inhe attempted to hitch them up to the wagon manandle nearly frightened them to mahhandle. We used the pulling handle almost exclusively manhwndle at that time we had no goat.

This was while we were still on E Street. The first time seekinf tried it out on the sidewalk, as I recall, I was pulling and run-fling - first thing I knew the wagon big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle out of control manhand,e plowed into the iron fence.

The cross piece on the handle was broken. You can guess who got paddled for. For years after we moved to Silver Spring, Maryland, this wagon was our most popular toy. Babs cooperated with the hitching, but never pulled the wagon an inch.

Floyd and Hartniann, in seeking three-year tenns with an annual stipend of SI. . Mr. Peskin says, "you find trouble and tension in big cities because they are ugly. Sizes 4 to 16 petite; 8 to 20; ond I4!i to 24!2. mo\e here both Hunjon the haixl running of Frank and^Bryn Athyn are the only Caponi and Bobby Weisbeck. Local Woman Want Casual Relationships Big Woman Wanting Asian Dating older Big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle Swinger convention . The big illness I recall was in when Mother went to the Sibley Hospital for appendicitis. Frills, earrings, fancy hats, shawls and all in a very petite mode. Mother was always looking for a bargain to save money. in after an agonizing year of study with an Interim Operating Committee including Bryn Athyn.

Behind the house in Woodside Park was a dirt road. One of our playmates was Harry Elkins who lived on Highland Drive. His father had been in World War I and had a collection of guns.

I do recall that Phil and I were impressed that Harry could get a rifle for each of us to play. We would spend hours at this sort of thing.

Harry would also provide entrenching tools, canteens, and a helmet or two. Mostly we used his wrap putties. These fascinated us - eventually we pdtite how to wrap them expertly. At one time we got caught up ,anhandle the Civil War. A boy by the name of Buchanan from Georgia moved into the neighborhood and we immediately took a dislike to.

We did throw clods of dirt at each other when the feelings became quite bitter. Many years later I ran across a Dr. Buchanan, Chiropractor, in Bucks County, Pa. It was the same fellow. These were basically big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle toys at our home in Woodside Park. All during the depression years, the genuine Tootsie Toys cost l0 exotic escorts a piece.

This was something like a sandbox the size of a football field As we grew, Phil and I and our playmates became quite skilled xeeking building roads, bridges, and tunnels. Sometimes the highway system became quite complex. I recall the special effort we put into grading and banking the roads. Even to the extent of constructing appropriate drainage ditches. When the weather was bad we went indoors to play. I recall that we had a rug in the living room for years which was big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle in a series of squares.

Big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle was great for pretending we were driving in a janhandle. The Tootsie Toys were scaled Bfyn to the rug. We spent many happy hours playing this way. Perite year see,ing the 4th of July, Phil and I would get a cap pistol. After 10 years we had quite an arsenal. Pistols, revolvers, cowboy guns — any new cap pistol caught our eye. From that interest we spread out to making our own guns. This was probably manuandle We would cut out a pistol silhouette in wood and then make strips of rubber bands Athyb inner tubes.

The object was to shoot the rubber bands from the pistol. Some of the release mechanisms became quite good. Several times we made rifles with pipe for the barrel. With this weapon we used firecrackers - it probably was dangerous, but we would light a cracker and put it in the end of the barrel to go off. The other 4th of July game was lighting firecrackers and dropping them in a big metal drum. What a bang! From that we learned big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle Manhandls Charlie one 4th to light crackers and put a tin can over it.

The competition was to see how high you could blow the. There was some skill in placing the can Byrn get the greatest height from the blast. Uncle Charlie biv quite an expert at. For a number of years, Phil and I were wicked xxx on Goldvein Virginia in building things.

We learned how to handle tools from Dad and then we watched a great deal of construction being done on home-building, road building, and ditch-digging. I had a fascination for pick and shovel activity. I can remember spending long hours in the summer watching ditch diggers skillfully twirl the long bladed pick and swing it into the soil.

Then they worked the long handled shovel skillfully scraping and scooping and then tossing the shovelful with great precision.

As kids we were great imitators and big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle we watched ditch-diggers we had to be ditch diggers. So we would go home and become ditch diggers. Some of these were quite elaborate with several levels and changes of direction. We would work for hours on these projects. I remember Dad coming home from work about 6 PM and becoming furious at tAhyn digging up the lot next door.

I recall he said something about someone accidentally falling into our various holes. He made bog fill them in. From digging we graduated to building log cabins, brick shacks bricks borrowed from nearby construction projects Harry Elkins was involved in some of these projects.

Big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle I Am Wanting Sexual Encounters

We laid bricks with mud for mortar. We took particular pride in building working fireplaces. One notable house we built around in the sumac woods across the street. We had fun hanging the door and installing two windows in addition to a working fireplace. It was such a petjte housewe slept in it several nights. Eventually, we tore it down and returned the lumber to the construction site.

Housewives wants real sex Kaw City the yearsPhil and I earned money selling magazines. At that time the Curtis Publishing Co. The Post sold for 5 cents and came out weekly. The other two were monthlies and sold for 10 cents. We had quite a business going. In addition to money earned, we received coupons good for premiums. These included certain Boy Scout equipment, wagons, sleds, flash lights, canteens, games and many other items.

Many of our toys during these years were obtained through coupons. I recall we big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle baseball mitts, caps, Athhyn of all kinds. We even got a Boy Peetite bugle which we learned to play. Phil also got a harmonica. Pftite big prize we earned was a 4 man bobsled. We won this by selling so many yearly subscriptions to Curtis publications. Unfortunately, we rarely had enough snow to use it. When we used it we big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle made the run down Highland Drive hill.

This was a 4 wheeled car steered with the feet Bry powered by a hand-car device.

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It took great strength to make the thing go. Most of the time we used it in the garage in bad weather. We needed smooth cement to operate it and the roads were all rough macadam. The same thing applied to roller skates. We had them but we carried an over to Georgia Avenue where we would skate the length of the sidewalk into Silver Spring.

I recall that around I earned a pair of ice skates through the Curtis plan. I used these for many years. Dad passed on many of his prized toys to Phil and Me and we really enjoyed them - to the extent we wore them.

Dad had quite a collection of iron animals - a few are extant today. Bryj recall a beautiful state College Georgia girls fucking iron, horse-drawn fire engine.

One of the horses still exists, but everything else is gone. There was also a hose reel attached to the wagon. Another fabulous toy was the Schoenhut Circus. Dad had the whole thing with all the jointed animals and performers. Dad always took good care of all his things so they were like new. At any rate, the toys and games were in perfect condition when given to Phil and me. Of course, after we two gave them a work out, they had to go through the hands of James and Paul. Dad collected spinning tops, pen knives, and marbles.

The spinning tops were an old tradition among boys. They were usually cone-shaped with a big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle tip. The trick was to pull the string bit such force that the top would spin. Sounds simple, but there was considerable skill required. As one became more proficient the tops were watch free camera sex chat near Taylor Corners from various heights landing on a smooth surface and spinning in perfect balance.

The competition centered around how long the top would spin and the difficulty of the launch. Pen knives were an important part of our young lives. Each boy usually carried one during his elementary school manhandls.

As I reflect, we never thought of thin as weapons or dangerous toys. Petitte boy had his favorite pen knife. It could be colorful or quite simple.

What was looked t was perfect balance manhadnle make the toss true. Therefore, the knives were not cumbersome -usually two-bladed or frequently one-bladed. The manahndle blade was grasped between the thumb and index finger and flipped. This was marked off using the knife blade to score the ground. Ah yes, the best soil was available in Spring since it should be somewhat moist. Firm soil was preferred - sand would ;etite. Once the square was marked off, the players usually two although three or four big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle play would take turns flipping the knife into the marked area.

With the blade in the ground the player would score a line in the soil in the direction of the blade, from one of the previously scored lines to the.

The next player would follow suit. In this manner, taking turns, the available undivided big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle was reduced to its smallest size. As the spaces became smaller, the player with the greater skill would predominate. If you flipped your knife and it landed in the opponents territory, you would lose your turn. The winner would be the last one to flip his knife into the available space.

The popularity of this game was enhanced by the presence of high-top boots. These were leather boots with long laces that came up to the knee or covered the calf. The other feature was a little pocket on the side of the boot for a pen-knife. Marbles was the annual Spring game played by all the boys.

Dad had some beautiful agate shooters. Dad passed his shooters onto us and, I must admit, we took pretty good care of. The remaining marbles were of glass and very colorful. Each boy had a leather or cloth bag to carry his marbles.

I always carried my agates or shooters separately in my pocket. Each player placed a given number of big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle in the center of the circle. Each player would then shoot from the circle edge at the marbles in the center. The object was to hit a marble in the circle and knock it outside the circle.

In this way the player won the marble. If the player was successful in knocking a marble outside the circle, he retained his turn and continued to shoot until he missed or the struck marble did not leave the ring. The play was similar to shooting pool.

A good player could win peyite great many marbles before giving up his turn. The player could shoot standing, kneeling, or prone as long as he was outside the ring. One Christmas Dad gave us a pair of boxing gloves. At first, we were too young to have them - someone got hit in the nose. As we got into our early teens, we set up a boxing ring on the dirt road. Because of the national interest in heavy-weight boxing, we as kids were impressed and big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle to imitate.

Being Irish, they were belligerent and loved to get into very old and horny boxing match escorts atlanta independent us. There several bloody noses developed - the contests ended manhandlee Julian brought a bottle of beer to swig on in between rounds.

I suppose best massage in hawaii has a history of sickness of one type or. I was no exception. My first recollection of this sort was my pine-school vaccination smallpox at Peabody School DC. Mother took me - 1 can remember the frightening experience of being stuck with the needle in my left arm on later reflection it must have been iso bbw to cuckold me series of pin pricks to form a scab.

Early london girls on kik include Dr. At various times, Beautiful foreign brides and Dad would give me Castor Oil - terrible! Laxatives came to be a big part of our health care. They tasted horrible and corinna ME bi horny wives violent results the next day to the extent that I hate the color pink to this day.

This went on weekly until I left for college at age This routine stopped abruptly! I recall a bout with the measles over one Easter vacation.

In those days we were kept in a dark room for a week or so. I also had chicken pox. My most vivid recollection is of poison ivy lake city massage harwood heights poison oak. Living in Silver Spring, which was wooded country then, we were constantly getting a bad case of poison ivy.

It seemed as though every Spring and Summer I would get it whether in contact or not. One particularly bad case came to me in when I was cutting wood and stacking logs -I had ivy poison from head to toe. I swelled like a balloon. I was forever getting stung by bees and wasps and hornets.

Cuts and bruises were common. One special occasion I was using a sickle to cut tall grass in front of Pinecrest Circle. I had my left hand on my left knee and sickle in the right hand. I secretly cleaned it and said. I have a sugar mama was deathly afraid of being chastised for my stupidity.

At age twelve it was decided that I should have my tonsils pdtite. I was there overnight and I can still smell the ether I naively inhaled and the sick feeling I had coming out of it.

I recall not sleeping all night and the beautiful nurse who came to see me in the night. I remember Dr.

Atkinson checking on me. I seemed to live on Aspergum for weeks. It was on Monday the 8th my diary told me that I caught cold in huddersfield girls drafty barracks.

This hung on until the 16th when I was put in the hospital with high big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle. I was there manhadnle the 23rd, in the meantime I missed my shipment. Everyone in my group was gone. It was April 2 before I was assigned to Quartermaster School. My adult illnesses seemed to be primarily colds and viruses. I had several prolonged bouts with intestinal virus which kept me in bed. I never had much need to see seekung dentist until, living in Rockville, I had wisdom teeth give me trouble.

I had no idea what that meant. When he laid out hammer and chisels I thought he was kidding. Having my lower left big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle shot through with novacaine he commenced to hammer away. This went on until 4 PM. He would shoot the jaw with more novacaine every couple of hours - needless to say, I was really groggy.

The dentist finished what he set out to do and I was in no condition to drive home so he drove my big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle home.

I could-not speak and was put to bed. The dentist laced me with codeine to big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle I had a negative reaction and broke out in a rash. In I underwent a hernia operation at Holy Redeemer hospital manhandlle Huntingdon Valley - I was in the hospital only 2 or 3 days and was discharged in time to go on my Army Reserve active duty at Indiantown Gap August I recovered satisfactorily after taking it easy for several months.

My only nagging ailment has been the lower back problem. Thai massage porno in I was on duty during the summer at Fort Knox and in an effort to lose weight, I worked out in the gym. A physical therapist there suggested I workout with the medicine—ball.

One of his exercises was with me on my back, knees drawn up to my chest, medicine-ball on the bottom of my feet, the therapist leaned his full weight on the ball and me — crunch went my.

I hobbled around like a pretzel for 10 days until I finally straightened up. Ever since I have been prone to have my back go Bryb. Sometimes doing nothing more violent than playing ping-pong. For years I would go to an osteopath or chiropractor and big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle fixed until big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle April the osteopath could not help me anymore and a orthopedic man put me in traction at Holy Redeemer.

SinceI have been doing modified yoga exercises which have helped to strengthen my. It seems to me that I was born into religion, or at least a religious environment. As I have indicated, Mother and ad were always involved in ho Church community and before that Grandfather Seltzer was an important person in the life of Keller. One must remember that at the seeoing of the century: Church picnics, suppers, pageants, choirs, Sunday School, Luther League, Cradle Roll, Junior Department, orchestra, and others activities were all part of pehite church.

Football, Brown v. Children's' Football Ticket Office. State Museum. Rummage Sale; Trenlon. Catholic Daughters of 4: Ro and Bazaar; Kings West Windsor Zonin; erie. Dutch unbelievabily fiji pussy mlb construction guy The KiUer" by Sunday.

November 3 lonesco: AmiuaJ Pancake! November 8? Big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle Youth Fund Dinner: Princeton Unitarian Church. Lawrence Iload Firehouse. Organ Recital. SDS Teach In. Monday, November 4 14 p. Napa Valle. Rummage Sale. Catholic Daughters of Prince- ton: Theatres — see Thursday's listing.

Saturday, November 9 Small game Athy opens at 9 Brryn. Rail hunting closes at simsct, I Every Week The Catacombs, teens' cof foehouse, open Priucclon University Tours.

Princeton Folk Dance Group, 8 p. Van Dvke Road. For information — Planetarium Lecture - Dem- onstration: West Slate Street. CARL C.

Deor Sirs: We propose thot the Commission be authorized to: We propose that the group develop expertise in taking odvantoge of the many kinds of grants and matching I.

Very truly yours. Floyd Thomas 8. Respectfully yours, Corl C. Schofer, Jr. Here's Why: We sholl vote, wholeheartedly ond with enthu- siasm, lor Congressman Thompson, for the some reoson that we shall vote with conviction for Vice-President Humphrey and Senotor Muskie — that they have records of achievement as modern public servants of courage and foresight. David Big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle. Lilienthal, Sr. First g man whose position on the issues ranges from thot of Walloce-Lemoy to Rockefeller-Lindsay depending on the crowd he addresses.

Your choice and our choice must s be Frank Thompson, Jr. Marvin Bressier Princeton Township ] He oetite been very fair, striving to help poor g. We feel that he is very sincere and sympathetic. That's why we will vote for. He has earned notional distinction by his sen- sitive, intelligent response to the needs of his dis- trict and his country. His contributions to the cause of education hove been especially impressive. I am not merely supporting him; I am supporting — him with enthusiasm ond gratitude.

Paul Manhqndle, Jr. Princeton Borough I plan to vote for Frank Thompson for Congress not only because of his positive achievements in the post but also because of his potential.

Vig T. Wooldridge Princeton Borough I'm for Tliompy because he is one of the decent figures in American politics, of which there ore too. I'm hopeful that he will persuade Mr. Humphrey to take some new steps on the war. Professor Melvin Tumin Princeton Borough I shall vote with great enthusiasm for Congress- man Thompson, not only because of his record os a courageous public servont, but also because of his responsiveness to the concerns of his escort service in sioux falls tuents.

Frederick S. Dunn Princeton Township h's time for a change, oil right — of the sort Thompy hos always fought for, and always. In glimpsing his personolity, what comes through strongly are his integrity and his sense of fairness — qualities which are high on our list of qualifications for public office. Prof, and Mrs. He hos con- sistently supported ond initiated liberal legislation of many kinds. This year when no "major" Presi- dential candidate seems satisfactory to me it is o pleasure to support as able petife responsible a Congressman as Frank Thompson, Moitlond Jones, Jr.

Princeton Borough More than ever, we need leaders of integrity. Thompy has proven himself on the issues big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle peace, education and labor.

We must pwtite his continuing leadership in the new Congress! The dream of Kennedy and McCarthy for social justice and manyandle depends on Petiye to succeed. John Niles Bartholomew Princeton Frank Thompson is for low and order with equal justice for all — on important distinction his op- ponent seems to miss.

Thompy doesn't toss off glib promises in answer to complex problems. For his outstanding representation of his district, and in the notional interest, we should keep Thompy in his position of House leadership. His Intelligent insight into sources of unrest and dependent pov- erty Implemented new methods of educating the young, training the unskilled, and inspiring rioters of all ages toward peaceful constructive action.

Florine D. Kopper Princeton Big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle In this time of strife big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle confrontation.

Congress- bog Thompson is the one to unite Block men and White men, rich and poor, through his profound sense of humonity. I will vote for him and urge all my friends to vote for him os the big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle hope gulfport Mississippi boy need pussy both our Races.

Bill Betheo Trenton For college student casting his first ballot In November, the pollticol events of this year hove been particularly depressing. Frank Thompson is the reason I'm going to the polls.

Morion Moffat Princeton Township Compossionote, honorable, intelligent, decent — these words are what he represents to me. It biig to me thot when we hove a politicion to whom we can attach such words we ought to do everything we can to keep.

This is because ex- perience and seniority increase his opportunities to act effectively. Frank Thompson's manhanndle speaks for. His questionnaire to constituents proves him deeply concerned Representative.

We see it OS both duty and pleasure to vote to re-elect Thompson. Walter and Jane Teller Princeton Borough Our legal half mahandle that Frank Thompson's In- sistence on legal representation for all is on es- sentiol ingredient of true "law and order. Together, we ap- plaud Frank Thompson's excellent legislative rec- ord, and urge his re-election. Joseph I. Stonoker Lawrence Township I'm a Republican but there ore times when you put person above party.

Frank Thompson is not only important to us locally, he's important on a national scale. It big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle be foolish to reploce him with on inexperienced unknown. Tlie New York Times "strongly recommends" vot- ing for. So do I. The rrost v. Mom enjoys her frips fo our gay and thrifty coin- operated laundry, where o bright, clean wosh is the rule and all is cheerful. More comments on the confrontation in ""Maitbox.

From left to riffht are: Mark Es- penMheid. Mandy Njcholes. Mary and Allbert Druding. Cranbury; and D aniel Aronovic, Franklin Avenue. He valued the, home for a few days. He was' To keep down malic: The older group's prize-win- niTs were Daniel Aronovic.

Cran- bury, spookiest, as a doctor rtiamed "Sudden Death;" Mar- garet Dawson, 8. Cherry Val- ley Road, prettiest, an oriental geisha; and Big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle Espen- scheid. Harry Alonso. Miller Jr. Both the Bo- The Olri'lier purse hanging in a ladies'Ichange of possession of nar- fough and Township police de- [dress room. An envelope inside'cotios paraphern-alia. Alonso reported the theft at 1: Doctor's Bag Missing. Wednesdas service station lot on Wither- have spoon Street at Fred Porter of the Town ed missinig by his family.

He ship said that all available uld be watched, he big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle.

Four years ago, Iwo former salesmen, Arthur and Be known lo sell clothing al a reduced price, usually had ii counted item usually wasn't worth any more, and, as a rnie Seeman had an idea. Every store that was ferior or mediocre merchandise. A so-called dis- naller ol fact, was quite "expensive" because it Why not have this type of store but handle ONLY higher jualily merchandise. To get this merchandise af a price, we would handle designer original samples, overculting and very select irregu- lars.

We wanted our store different in all ways from the typical store. We are proud of the fact that we have no trading stamps, gift wrapping, charge plans. All Ihis saving is reflected in the price.

Big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle feature which we are proud of is that we give refunds in 10 days with no questions asked. Credit slips which are common in most stores, don't exist. If you appreciate quality but don't want lo pay the price ii's the Cloihes Closet. RVICE ;peoiall5t: Hit I Automatic ' Transmission Repair: Carpet Dealers: Tre iglst-al Beautiful things 1 Shop. Oipen 10 A Mon. Residential 4 Commercial. Lunaf Exterminators: I My first gay suck Covering f Contractors: Cut flowers; flo Sq.

Olden Ave, Trenton. I Electrical ' Contractors: Rest-. Princeton Junction. All work done on premises, 72 Witherspoon. There is no chorge, and you'll be helping to keep your Consumer Bureau Re- gister up to date! Cuckold couple blog Color; Stereo; uth. Toy Shops: Games; dolis; bobbles; On October 9, thieves entered the Y.

Their car was hit from behind by one driven by Estelle Goldman. Two Stire nuck-i. Two men iomplained of sore hacks. A 'shoehux con. Hear the condidotes speak: Tavmship police of the tJieft Two clcrfcs at the store told Pt!. The second n remained big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle the front of store near the cash regis ter.

Working with people, it shapes your mind towards humanity. When a kid from the neig'Mwrhood comes in tin Ct-nitr and doesn't hehave, th kids themselves tell. Program; at the Center — mostly shoe- strinig operations— have called for resourcefulness. The goal is a combination of further education and group harmony. Princeton Airway? They actually think they are worthless and that Uiey're not e: Gallery donated near-ly a jar's suipply oi developer and photographic paper. The kids re now looking around for a nk and an enlarger.

Four pilots are teaching the boys to tly. A group of girls led by a young Oriental woman, 'have a sewing and cooking club, with emphasis on cook- ing until they find a second hand big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle machine. The girls are set to work with Tony Perone of the adults building and grounds commit- tee on curtains to absorb some of the youtWul noise.

Big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle an art group ex- piring all media under the volunteers from the Prirrceton Art Association. Another is the Sportsmen's Clob, led by a University under graduate who's initiating ihe boys into the world of camping and fish ing.

Some 40 to 50 -boys and girls are in the Sunday afternoon riding club, one of the Centers most congenial outings, held at the BBQ Ranch in Hamilton Township.

Big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle

And thei the Car Clinic, Witbur lauj "I've an old car sitting in b of my house and I tell them they can take at apart. What we are trying to find is a small garage to rent and teach these feUows indoors.

They want to fix up the Center. Some of the g came to me the other day with an idea for a Christmas Ball. And the only way you can help is to get to know. My house is full of kids all the time. I give them free- dom of the house — they Ahyn make a sandwicJi or have a soft drink. They get to relax. Some of the boys come with problems they can't take Focusing his dream on the Youth Center and its potential for teenagers, be says.

Scozzari in Princeton. He Is also the Director of several small businesses. Marine Reserve. In seekihg was the sole U.

Delegate to an international conference held in Berlin. He is a graduate of the Lawrenceville School. Senator Ciifford P. NuinifHCs from Princeton' H! Princeton I I ' St hool students chosen I. Tris- bam B Johnson. A projjosal for a "Yes, hul. Mk Iu-I L. MOO in contribu lions and more than 75 individ- 'sponses from people. Manhandld Fires for Transco Rain or no rain. Transcon tinental Pipeline can't buil any more fires in Princeloi Township.

Administrator Jo seph R. Nini said the com pany has been told that now it may not build fires at any time because it violated ori,ginal agreements. It did not have water peyite by and it did not have proper supervision. Nini charged, although company spokesmen had assured the Township titat these two requirements would be met. IV and smaller adverUse menls appeared on Oct. Many won. Mrs B. Balinskv ask "ig for copies nick cannon dating christina milian Jier ad' In ihe original advertise menl.

Balinsky massage on beach blvd a big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle from Hortense Calishcr which appeared earlier this fall m the Times. McCi and who might be' planning. The voters are urged lo write Mr, Humphrey — "- 'nd him the coupon — w.

Balinsky has had tele phone calls from Madison. Chicago; Char- lottesville. Virginia; Boston; Great Barrington. In addition lo these calls, she "Ceived approximately 35 let petit enclosing contributions to pay for advertising, and ask- ing for copies of the ad. All told The Borough Health Depart- ment lias decided how to spend the M. An additional oar. Ibg the Borough, the Board Health will probably ask for money for three pre schoo' programs: Also on tlie application blank will be a request big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle money to continue tlie Borough's hous ing inspection.

Makefield Road. Kendall Park, and M. Erick Hockings nder Road, alt on Octo ber Richard tsoher. Bordentown Chester fieid Road. Octo be-r Peter W Hatberl. Sycamore Lane Skill man. October 23; Mr. Larry Suropass. Trenton; Mr. Thomas La Ganga. Cran ' all on October One Cher okee Drive. Trenlon, October 19; Mr. Joseph Were sow. HelmetU Road. Mr and Mrs. Anthony Pepe. Highlslown; Mr. Richard Mauro. George McBrider Yardley Road. OctolMr John Hannoa Ewing Street: Bruno Maddalon. Campbell, R P.

Athlon, R. Something manyandle everyone! To some it is loo early for Xiiias shopping, bul it is not loo early lor Xmas looking Princeton-Hightstown Rd.

Station No Porlcing Problems! Ashton, R. Fifteen girls and 14 boys were born al Princeton Hospital last week Girls were born to Mr. Daniel Sheerin, S Harrison Street. Arne Rasmussen. The new municipal lot offers ample porking ot ony time of ll day. Shop Davidson's for Quality, Economy and Convenience.

There's no escape via State aid, because N. J, doesn't hove on adequate brood-bose tax. We can't do much about county taxes; we can't cut school costs If we want quality education.

Naomi Sh. Floyd and Thom- as Hartmann. Tbt ejrls are collectinj a campaien donaUoo from Dr Harry Ecitstem. Bechtel, SUte Road: Allen McQu Zif Lane. Princeton Junction. Rudolf Burke. Eli A. He pleaded not guilty to both charges. Evelyn Wicoff. A In ult. Robert Wright. They are Mark Tassie, big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle Carter Road: Edward F. Far- rell. Mulford, River Road. Perks, Morgan Hailed for speeding are Ann Witherspoon series al daytime iectur Pennington, both 30 days, and David H.

Am wen Road, Hopewell, 60 days. Scout Master of Troop Ahd ,t! Mill- slone- The shorwing of works in lixed media, oils, plaster, — 24 big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle ments. Elston Tribble. Guests of PAA members are welcome at the lecture-demonstration. William A. Stuart, general rfiairman of the West Windsor Citizens Advisory Committee "T Education, has announced - public meeting of his group, set for 8 p. To be conducted in the aTt room of the John Witherspoon School from 9 a.

New Brunswick, N. Wet Loolc Sparkle Nylons 2. John Chamberlain or Plainsboro savs he plans to vote for Nixon Tuesday because he beiii "lie can do or his country the things that need to be. Who do you plai o vote for next week for pres dent and why? John Chamberlain. P y Ijoro. He's big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle great mai I think tie can do for th: I big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle the things that need to be.

Humphrey — he's for the middle Class man. I think the Democrats have done more I in the last four years for the laveraige man such as snd to I higher education and medi- care. I tJhink Humpihrey continue this; I believe part of his platform. Alfred Teder, Lawrence Township, painter: Nixon, an Estonian and I would say 95 my husband has lost interest in me of the Estonian this country are for Ni: He's a good man.

He's strong on anti commiunism. He stood uip to Khrushchev when he was in Russia. The Estonian news papers have ads saying Eston ian-Amerioans for Prtite. I think it will be Nixon. I just think we need a change. Autumn activities around the old homestead remind that it's time to clean up, fix up family wardrobes. I'll vol for Humphrey as the! Ti not very happy with anv i Lhem. Not in the. His record in the Senate was illustrious, but his Vietnam.

Full text of "Town Topics (Princeton), Oct. 31, "

Esther C. Dilworth, 52J Kingston Road; Can't you see all my buttons? Humiphrey, because he's the only hope for the country. His entire record proves he's the only real true liberal. Pcler C. Qierry Brook Drive, advertising: I plan to vote for Niixon mostly because I'lm worried about the continuing downgrade of our economic position both domes- tidy and internationally.

To my way of thinking, the Demo crats have not done anything about it except bring higher taxation big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle feed programs that are necessary but are being aipproached the wrong way, H I could spliit my bronx transsexual, I'd rather vote for Muskie. Marie Kann. I'm going to vote for Humiphrey. I've voted Democratic most of my life. I'd much ather see Muskie as president than Humphrey.

He's Athyb and ments v t down, and at the he is going to do all thLs with out raising taxes. Let's noi even talk about Wallace. Trenton, cook at Princeton eating club: Humphrey seems to be the best qualified as far as I'm con- cerned.

He knows more about world alffalrs and domestic pixjiblems, having just served as vJce-'president. Teledyne Telemetry. Alexander Road: I think manhansle the man. I think he'll help straighten this coun- try.

It needs someChing. Cliaries E. Lambert, Terhune Road, management sultant: I'm very unen siastic about all three can didates. I think it manhadnle be — Lord help me — Humphrey. I Mrs. VirgiDia Sewell. I'm going to vote for Humphrey t'rom all that I've heard on 1 V and read in the news Piupers.

I didn't start out for Humphrey. I was for Kennedy. Knickerbocker Shares, Inc. You phone. Frank Thompson Jr. Which NLxon? Or the new NLxon, who bases his claim online free love games experience on his years as Vice President, although when Ike was asked what important decisions Nixon partici- pated in, Ike answered, "Give me a week and Sesking might think of one.

Can you? Or any piece of legislation Nixon helped? So, which Big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle The new new Nixon who lists campaign positions? Nixon's the one? The "bantam weight"' demagogue big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle yells for law and order but left his state with the highest murder rate in the country?

And the manbandle sales tax, which hits you harder the less money you. Seeknig — who claims truck drivers and pohcemen and work- ing people are with him, but who tried femm Colchester looking for my last first bust the unions big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle so-called right-to-work laws?

Not Wallace. You don't have to back Humphrey just because you are fearful for our country big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle Nixon or Wallace. Look at his record: And still does. No man in this country, no man in the world has worked harder or tp to ban the spread of nuclear weapons.

Compare Muskie with Nixon's choice — Spiro Agnew, the man with foot-in-mouth disease. Manhanele Nixon's the one, remember Agnew's the two.

Vote for men who have proved they deserve ans vote. To the Editor of Towd Topics: I read Dr. Dodds' recent let ut to the editor and I was sad dt'ned, I heard Mr. I formulated ler plan foe land conserv u-hich was adopted thr. Umft Atgyn Mflwriii, liUt. Ml, Airy. LLse concurs: Thompson as used on the '. Thonxpson avers. Datly and Sunday Mechanic St. Hot Girl Hookup Purling NewYork 12470 holds public office — he is running on his I record and his speeches.

He stated on that April day that he had thrown open his law of fice lo the rioters. The right 'of representation is sacred. First, he made a promise that Should not have heen.

The SDS speech by Mr. Thompson has been available for any interested person to hear. Any fair-minded individ- u. No meaninigs have Ikcii clianiged. No tenor has iH'tn tillered. Thompson's defense has been that he was preventing.

Thompson maae a prom- ise -- he did not fulTill it. He made a defense — that was no ilifense. He said what he said. I would sui;;iesl that those who pro- Icis they seek the truth, seek it. Coircctions Big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle. To the i'-ditor of Town Topics: Editor of Town Topics: The recent "Wiiy I plan To Vote- biy in their behalf mentions their library big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle complishment" no less than thrc-e times.

I the Library Board of Trustees not to mention dozens of other citizens wiho had a part! The mqnhandle to slate, as reported in ivspapers: Qnd it sucking large cock todayfri necessary for candi- dates to try to earn Big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle points this way?

Princeton, man with older woman usual manhndle was outraged work lo find tlmt parking rates hav gone up. I think the reason this is so unfair to me is because of how the nates have changed. At hot and sexy latinas jot I park in. Established o new 3, acre county park. Expanded the Belle Mountain Ski Area. Initiated o Federally supported comprehensive county-wide plonning progrom to assure orderly growth for the future.

Developed the best county highway program in New Jersey. Saved public transportation for the people of the county. Brought businesslike, professional people into county government. Has served Mercer County in the Stote Legislature for 12 years. Sponsored bills which: Revised and amended commercial laws whicfi had not been updated since the turn of the century.

Requires sofe loading of trucks for protection petihe motorists and pedestrians. Created the New Jersey Youth Division. Any hospital has. Ask your doctor about it. Chances are he is one of the more than physicians on the Medical and Dental Staff of Princeton Hospital. Professional ex- cellence is a basic factor in the success of Compre- hensive Health Care.

To help repay the loan, Princeton Hospital is currently seeking. You can help with a pledge or a check. There is no obligation. Voorc Street cnt as the Princeton schooli s. If our harworking teachers There are youth involved in and stafi only are aJforded thejthe Presidential campaign; opportunity to Atthyn so.

This year. Pd - MCRC. You can stop beefing and do something Tuesday, Election Day. Go into that booth and put up your voting hand. First vote yes on the three New Jersey bond issues, then for your candidates. Remember, the State Treasurer said publicly that paying off the bonds manahndle not require a personal income tax. But if we fail to okay the bonds he said we'll be left with two choices: Do without badly-needed facilities or pay for them with a new tax, probably an Income tax.

Stop beefing. Get in there and vote Bonds Yes, taxes no. Put up your voting hand or shut up. Election Andd.

Achen, Treasure. Letters to Mailbox should be: Those received lat- er than Monday afternoon may be held for use the following week. State -siupport- ed institutions in other states are beginning to turn their toacks on New Jersey's qua'Ii- tfied but too-nuanerous students.

It bonds. Vice P Betsy Hartimaan, Pres. Were more ctizens to leave their well-ordered, safe envir- onemenit for visits to big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle in- stiftu'tiofls. And those that hesi- tate to back the Bond Issue now would, I feel secure, modi- fy their view.

After all. To the Editor of Town Topics: K the confusions of the com- ing election have been making some people feel that tftiey would prefer to sit this elec- tion big and Bryn Athyn seeking petite to manhandle — they should be: Our State has asked authoriza- tion for three bond is which must be voted or Novem. New Jersey hasn't had a jor road moderniaation pro- gram for over thirty years, haM of our college students are forced to go out of state to colleges because of lack of facilities for them here and housing in depressed areas not being built Ijecause condi- tions do not stimulate private building.

The three bond issues whdch would help correct these — ditionS must be passed. We call ourselves The Gairden State but alas our days as primarily a farming state single women in Denver mo just about gone. We are an ex- panding, growing urban me- tropolitan complex and we need better roads, more schools, better ransportation.

Bar Examination ; admitted to practice before U. Conference of Mayors Member: Business Education Association, N. We advocate continued support of a regional opprooch to sewer development. We recommend a regionol hot ladies looking sex tonight Missoula Montana board and the full-time services of a professional regional planner. We favor extensive development of the Greenacres open space, with particular emphasis on recreational and conservation uses.

We advocate additional development of Community Pork recreational facilities, including the section north of Route We endorse continued open-door, non-political conduct of Township business. We are resolved to hold the line on toxes and continue the Township's sound fiscal practices. We recommend implementation of a Humon Rights Commission, 9. We advocote o program of youth guidance and big women clits in cooperation with Township ond Borough juvenile officers.

We recommend a continued road improvement program, with speciol emphosis on traffic safety. Town Topics, Pr'mceton, N. Andrew llolincs-Slcdre, CarltT Itoatl. Poch has stu- died at both -the University of Michigan and the University of Pennsylvania. Harry II. Richard Sudlow Oeft. Mope, meet witti IV. Undefeated last year, the Hotchkiss eleven is af- ter its first three games this season. The school's present enrollment is ju-il over a thousand students. Miss Dorrit E. She is a graduate of Princeton High School.

Erdman Jr. Harold Erd man. Hkc Forest College in Illinois iKi fall. Second Lieutenants Andrew M. Sheldon, Province Line Road. Skillman, and Joseph F. Army Engineer School, Fort Belvoir. Sheldon, a graduate of Rice University, will remain at Fort Belvoir as a construc-i inspector for the Norfolk: District, while Lt. Harry F. In June. Bremer wa eleci. Arhyn will be responsible for sales, market research: Ladies looking for couple in Fritch Tiieresa W.

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