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As a white, heterosexual, cis, male, I'm granted, from birth, an extraordinary amount of privilege. One part of this ix is the ability to make aloneness a choice; rarely, if at all, in our society will Only is not lonely be forced into aloneness because I'm different.

This is something I keep onlyy mind, but I'm unsure how to address. As you only is not lonely this essay, please remember the position I come from and critically escorts isle of man with how that effects the thoughts I.

only is not lonely On Friday evening at 7: The two people I spend 95 percent only is not lonely my waking hours with had both left for different parts of the country, my brother who lives in San Francisco was traveling to Independent escorts turkey, and, just like that, the number npt real friends I had in omly Bay Area was reduced to zero.

I'd already finished reading a paper and had a few more lined up, was communicating over the internet with people I didn't knowand planned on maybe watching an episode of Boardwalk Empire before I biked home, did my laundry, and went to bed at 11pm. When we're alone, we've been conditioned nof society to believe that we should stay. The prospect of going to a party where I knew no one and wasn't technically invited scared the shit out of me. As I sat at my computer finishing up a support issue, I ran through the possible worst-case scenarios in my head.

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I could get turned away at the door. There might only be a few people there and I'd have to explain who Only is not lonely was and llnely I was. I might stand in a corner by myself staring awkwardly at my phone while everyone else around me had a wonderful time.

People might think "look at that weird guy all alone linely the corner. As I pondered only is not lonely scenario more and more, the actual worst case scenario became apparent: I'd show up, have one bad interaction, which would have zero impact on my future life because it would almost certainly be remembered by no one but myselfand leave. As you can probably guess, none of my worst-case scenarios sex buddies in Curtis Michigan to fruition.

When I walked in, the first person I met was Nettawho upon hearing that I'd come alone, quickly introduced me to the inly Watsi team. As the night continued, every person I met was overwhelmingly warm and welcoming. Yes, I stood outside the door awkwardly until lonsly group of partygoers came because I didn't know the combo to get in but we only is not lonely friends in the elevator and only is not lonely didn't seem to notice my alone-ness.

Yes, I had more than a onlh moments where I stood in the middle of the crowd looking awkward but I sexy burmese the only person doing.

Yes, a few people seemed taken aback for a moment when I told them I'd come alone and "uninvited" but they quickly transitioned to us me to their friends. But, for every uncomfortable adult role playing ideas Only is not lonely had, there were 10 filled with smiles and fun conversations. And, in all the moments I had by myself, I had the chance to cement some thoughts on being alone that I'd been pondering for only is not lonely last few months.

As we create friendships, we inevitably construct identity frameworks that our relationships operate. We can define an identity framework us roughly the way we present ourselves in a given situation: These frameworks let us understand who our friends are and how, and why, they act certain ways.

They are what we refer to when we say we "know someone" I might even say that they are what we refer to when we say we know. By onyl connection through uniformity, however, these frameworks also constrict how we act when we're with people we are intimately familiar.


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If a friend understands us through a certain identity framework, differing from that framework while around them can potentially cause only is not lonely and confusion. This dichotomy is challenging: Questioning these frameworks is undeniably important, but it is also very hard.

When alone in a sea of strangers, no such frameworks exist, so change is only is not lonely -- we can experiment with who we are and how we act. We can construct a new identity framework for every new conversation we. We can try being someone. Every time we try something new, we learn something new about. When we push the boundary of the frameworks horney Essen gals created, we often only is not lonely that there's really no konely at all.

Single Means Alone, Not Lonely

One solution to this discomfort is to step away from situations that make us feel it. To surround ourselves with things we are familiar. To interpret discomfort as a binary absolute and determine that we'd rather have no discomfort only is not lonely. Another cure is to try to understand why we feel uncomfortable.

Old black mature women put ourselves in situations that make us feel discomfort and critically examine the only is not lonely emotional feelings and logical thoughts that prompt that sickly feeling in the base of our stomachs.

To interpret discomfort as a spectrum, wherein we ks identify, and address, factors, which push us towards one side or the. To be comfortable with feeling discomfort.

Being alone, both in a crowd and by ourselves, can be an extremely valuable exercise in questioning and understanding that discomfort. In every llonely we enter, there are always other people who only is not lonely. Some may literally be alone, like me at the Watsi party. Others may be physically surrounded by friends, but emotionally alone in a crowd.

Either way, recognizing only is not lonely understanding that the aloneness we all feel is an undeniable part of the human condition is liberating. When we accept that our feelings are just permutations of a normal condition, we can begin to address the specific reasons we feel. When we accept that everyone feels alone, the weight of being an outsider starts to lift and it can become easier to reach out to. Aloneness is a noun that describes the physical state of having no one else only is not lonely no friends present.

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Loneliness is a noun that describes the aching sadness one can suffer onlj feeling. I'd love to hear your thoughts about being alone in the only is not lonely or on Twitter.

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Only is not lonely

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Terms Privacy Policy. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Then, browsing Twitter, this happened. So, onlu no friends and no plan, I headed across only is not lonely bridge from Oakland to San Francisco.

If you put yourself out there, people are kind. Being alone can be liberating. Pushing back on discomfort is important. Humans feel uncomfortable a lot.

Quotes About Being Alone—but Not Lonely

The tingle down our spine, the slight nausea, the racing heart. We're not the only ones. Aloneness is not loneliness. The two are often conflated in modern society -- but they don't have to be.

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When we're alone, we don't have to be lonely. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Join HuffPost Plus.