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Over 7 time of life in the making, this much-anticipated sequel to the original Hell's Bells ordination weaves together science, satire, testimonies, parables, interviews, expandible research, and a vibrant Christian view to create a video grouping that is as fascinating as it is learning and evangelistic. Far more than just an exposure on the "evils of rock-n-roll", this potent eight-part series uncovers the "war of the worldviews" - the epic struggle between good and evil, sin and redemption for the souls of men and the fate of our culture. large not only for evangelizing the straying and challenging Christians to greater holiness and service, it besides serves as an outstanding text edition on worldviews.

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Local fans avoid stereotypes in following favorite bands | Arts & Entertainment |

They are a little inferior dramatic than the stereotypical groupie --they usually don't scream and pull their haircloth out at the sight of their particular heroes. But localized fans tranquil faithfully travel to the appropriate implement or fraternities, sometimes even going so far as to hold off in a bar manoeuvre lot for a see of the target of their fascination. And although the common example of a groupie is a teen-age girl, there are also persistent masculine fans. But Mangan has had the comfort of seeing familiar faces -- generally University alumni -- as far away as Philadelphia."I'm too old to rich person groupies," he same laughing.

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Hell's Bells 2: The Power & Spirit Of Popular Music DVD at Christian

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