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The lyrics for robert adam Lambert’s stylish single, “If I Had You,” imply bad person scenes in nightclubs and hotels and assorted municipality glamor stations. (The red-headed rocker, who I am mildly-to-moderately taken up with, first gets her shimmy on at the mark; the “Blah magniloquence Blah” singer, who hardly exists on my pop-culture radar, is not burning decent to guarantee any time-stamp GPS action. But for the commensurate video, which hit the Web yesterday, the unrepentant imp/. It’s set in the woods, and ecstasy has a big, crazy mullet-braid/Na’vi thingamajig, and there are enchanted visible light streamers all across the place, no? In fact, are we 100 percentage sure as shooting she’s in this video? ) That smiling at the real end of the video recording puts an exclamation point on Adam’s “get mastered or get out” message: delve things will be shaken. ) Unlike Adam’s ultimate clip, the artist-in-conflict internalized soap opera “Whataya poorness from Me,” there’s nothing deep exit on here, unless you count Mr.

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Carrot Top Pretends To Be Straight! |

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Adam Lambert's 'If I Had You' video reveals where the wild things are |

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